Siser GLOW IN THE DARK 12×15

Description EasyWeed™ polyurethane film is the world’s best selling heat transfer material thanks to the EasyWeed™ Advantage.Applies at lower temperaturesPeels HOT or COLDWeed small letters and detailed designs without losing piecesMounted on a pressure sensitive carrierExtremely durable, wash after washApplied results

37 Products Under $15 Your Skin Will Probably Love

An unscented crystal deodorant you’ll just wet before applying and then make sure you dry once you’re done. It’s made of pure mineral salt and people with sensitive skin like it. 37 Products Under $15 Your Skin Will Probably Love

Are You Making These Skincare Mistakes?

Are you making any of these super common and damaging skincare mistakes? You should avoid skipping SPF, not removing your makeup, and more. Avoid these skincare mistakes for flawless skin!

Double Sided Faux Pearl Tribal Earrings | 925

These Co faux pearl earrings are made with sterling silver as opposed to the costume jewelry version by other brands. So stylish and perfect for those with sensitive skin too!